Is Digital India benefit for Student’s Education?

Is Digital India benefit for Student’s Education? post thumbnail image

What is Digital India Campaign?

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Digital India Campaign is an initiative by the Government of India to make sure that the government services are available to citizens of India electronically. It was launched on 1st July 2015 by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Digital India aims to improve online infrastructure by increasing internet connectivity. The government wants to connect rural areas with internet for the development and growth of the people of this country. The core components of this initiative are:

1. The creation of digital infrastructure

2. Delivering services digitally

3. Achieve Digital literacy

How It Will Benefit The Education sector?

In the last decade, technology has been widely accepted by children and the youth. There has been a great potential among the youth to learn using digital media. Here’s how Digital India can change the education sector:

Digital India can be a great step for the educational sector as it can completely transform India into a digitally empowered society. The Prime Minister has introduced initiatives for remote places where well-trained teachers might not be present in person.

These initiatives are e-education, e-basta, Nand Ghar and will provide education through technology using smartphones and mobile apps.

E-basta aims at providing proper study materials and school books in a digital form as e-books to children and will be accessible through the internet on tablets or mobile phones.

● A way to increase education among children is by delivering education through a digital medium in government schools and pre-schools.

Top CEOs from India and abroad have committed to invest Rs. 4.5 lakh crore towards this initiative at the launch ceremony of Digital India Week. The investment will be used to make smartphones and internet devices available at affordable prices in India.

We hope that the digital initiatives the government is making will make a difference and technology will be reached and accepted in schools. Digital India is a step towards BETTER INDIA! Do you agree?




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